Dancing Rabbit – Beginner’s Guide To Golf

Golf offers the perfect opportunity for exercise, learning a new skill, and experiencing some of the most beautiful natural settings imaginable when you visit Dancing Rabbit Golf Club. But before you book your first tee time, some essential pieces of information will make your first round of golf a much more pleasant experience.

A Brief History Lesson

Golf can be traced back to ancient China, but the 18-hole version that we know today has its origin in Scotland around the 1400s. Once considered only a gentleman’s game, the mythical acronym of Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden, is far from the truth. Ladies, gentlemen, and youths worldwide enjoy golf as a sport that is played, practiced, and improved upon for a lifetime.

Golf Gear For The Novice

As with any sports gear, quality items will improve your game. But learning on a basic set of clubs is a savvy choice. You are going to inadvertently abuse your first set of clubs more than you could ever imagine. But once you have groomed your swing, grip, and contact point, you will have a better idea of your ideal clubs as an intermediate golfer. So start with affordable or even free options like:

  • Clubs borrowed from a friend
  • Rented clubs at the Dancing Rabbit Clubhouse for about $35
  • Buy a second-hand set of clubs
  • Purchase a few key clubs, a wood, two or three irons, a sand wedge, and a putter to get a few rounds under your belt

Finally, be sure to check the dress code for the Club that you are playing and inquire about the requirement of golf-specific shoes.

Learn The Language

You are entering a new world when you take up golf, and it is vital to speak the language.

A few essential terms include:

  • Fairway – the sometimes elusive part of the course that leads to the green
  • Green – the lush grass area surrounding the hole, or cup as it can be called
  • Rough – the natural or wild growth surrounding the fairway
  • Bunker – a sand-filled obstacle often located near the green
  • Hazard – bunkers, trees, ponds, streams, or any obstruction between you and the hole
  • Stroke – any swing made with the intent of striking the ball, even a missed swing is stroke

Scoring Terminology:

  • Ace – a hole in one
  • Eagle – 2 strokes under par
  • Birdie – 1 stroke under par
  • Par – predetermined number of strokes needed to complete the hole
  • Bogey – 1 stroke over par
  • Double Bogey – 2 strokes over par
  • Triple Bogey – 3 strokes over par

Learn From A Pro

You can watch videos and visit a driving range to practice your swing. But the best way to learn the game of golf is a few lessons from a professional. It ensures that you are practicing proper techniques rather than creating bad habits that will be hard to break. The pros at Dancing Rabbit offer 30 minute and one-hour lessons at very affordable rates. You will find that your enjoyment of each round you play is exponentially greater after just a few sessions.