Tips to Improve Your Driver Capabilities

If you just bought a fancy new driver, you want to get the most benefit from it. Here are a few tips to help you improve your driving and your game.

Start by Focusing on Distance

You can work on accuracy after you improve on distance. You need to learn how to hit as far as you can. Swing longer to get closer to your goal. You can work on being accurate after you get within range.

Create a Launch

Make sure your back is tilted away from the target. Your right shoulder should be lower than the left with the ball opposite of the left armpit. When you do this correctly, you hit the ball on your upswing, which will give you a higher launch with lower spin.

Continue After the Hit

Don’t stop once you connect with the ball! Follow through with a backswing. Wrists should be loose like a hinge, and your body should be coiled behind the ball. Apply from your right hand onto your left thumb, which will help to straighten your left arm and ensure the club hinges up. You should finish with the right shoulder just behind your right ear. If you turn deeply, you’ll get more distance. Stay connected as your arms continue in line with your body to ensure a straight hit.

Try Out Different Drivers

Not all drivers are created equal. The weld can vary slightly, which will mean variance in distance. Even with the same specs from the same brand, you’ll get more yardage from some drivers than with others. Don’t be afraid to try out ten or more to find the one that works for you!

Aim Down the Middle

Some experts have recommended that you set your aim for one side and the natural curve of your swing will move the ball toward the middle. However, others suggest going for the middle in the beginning and letting yourself have both sides for any error. Just don’t aim your ball where there’s going to be water or a bunker.

Figure Out Why You Have Bad Days

Some days are just bad for driving. You should always pay attention to what’s happening om those days. Notice what you’re doing with your misses and make a plan around those issues. While you may still have some misses, they’ll be more manageable, and you’ll get the ball closer to the hole.

Keep Your Waggle

Look at old clips of Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus, and you’ll see they had obvious waggles before their swings. This isn’t just for show. A waggle creates rhythm and relieves tension, which you don’t want in your swing. It also creates a preview of what your swing will look like. While modern golfers have gotten rid of the waggle, it’s still an important part of the drive.

Try these tips to see how you can improve your driving. You just might discover you can go further and closer to your goal, and even more importantly, make golfing more fun.