Dancing Rabbit – Balls Used By The Pros

When you think about the game of golf, there are more variables than consistencies. Each course and each hole are different, and the holes also change daily, based on cup location, climate, and moisture level. You select a different club based on the shot you are making. But the one constant throughout each hole and round is the ball that you choose to use. And who better to learn from before a trip to Dancing Rabbit than those on the pro tour?

Starting At The Top

Rory McIlroy is considered to be the best male golfer in the world at the moment. He has solidified that honor by taking four majors in under four years. And in his last 35 events, he has finished in the top-10 28 times. That is a pretty solid golfer who gets the job done every time he walks onto a world-class golf course. And when he does, he places a TaylorMade TP5 on the tee. That choice says it all for reliability and predictability on every swing and every course.

Jin Young Ko holds the current title of best female golfer in the world. And that claim to fame can largely be attributed to being the ONLY golfer in the world to win two majors in 2019. Her 69.062 score is second only to her male counterpart Rory McIlroy at 69.057. She carries a mixed bag including Callaway, Ping, and TaylorMade, but she only takes one ball to the course, the Titleist Pro V1. Again, that choice is very high praise from the best of the best.

Rory’s Ball – The TaylorMade TP5

The TP5 is the latest in a series of five-layer golf balls designed and introduced by TaylorMade in 2010. The Tri-Fast-Core are encased in a fourth layer of firm inner cover and a fifth layer of soft cast urethane. This unique combination results in a longer overall distance without losing the control and touch needed to finish on the green.

Jins Ball- The Titleist Pro V1

The TP5 is designed to offer a faster, longer drive out of the tee box and the best short game control available. An ultra-thin cover made from a proprietary elastomer material and the larger casing layer are credited with this ball’s success. The two combine to provide unequaled distance while still allowing for spin control. And when you have a player like Jin winning tournaments and cash with your ball every week, people notice.

As you get ready to head out to Dancing Rabbit for your round on the Azaleas or the Oaks, it is reassuring to know that you have selected a ball that will be consistent and long off of every tee and provide the control you need to work the surface of the green. And every shot in between, from a fairway, or even the rough, offer a predictable flight and distance. Knowing the balls that work for the pros will ensure you a better score on these two par 72 courses.