How to Choose the Right Clubs

You’ve taken up golfing as a new hobby. You’re excited to learn and you want to get all the equipment necessary to start. What you want most to get your hands on is a set of golf clubs. Don’t let your enthusiasm pull you into a quick purchase. The right set of golf clubs can make your game, but you want to put some time and thought into the decision.

Borrow First

If you’re a beginner, it is ideal to borrow a set of clubs before you buy. Try them out and see how they feel as you start your first practice. You’ll need a variety of irons as well as a putter. Start out with a three-wood because you don’t need a driver right now.

You may be able to find a used set to purchase. You don’t want to spend a lot of money until you decide if golf is going to be your thing. If you do need to buy new, go to a discount sports store and buy a cheap beginner set of clubs. You’ll most likely get a putter, driver, 3-wood, and a few irons, all with a bag.

You’ll need to purchase clubs for either right- or left-handed use. Make sure you notice if they are for men or women. Beginner clubs are generally designed to be durable and aren’t as expensive to lessen your initial investment in the game. No matter whether you borrow, buy used, or get new clubs, make sure you choose the correct length based on your size. If you’re above or below average height, you’ll need to find clubs that are an inch or so longer or shorter than normal.

The right clubs have a big impact on your golfing game. Take the time to find the right clubs as a beginner and invest in quality clubs as you gain experience.

As You Improve

After you’ve been playing for a few months, you’ll be ready for a full set of golf clubs. With this set, you can expect both the 3 and 5 woods as well as irons that run from 3 to the pitching wedge. You’ll need to decide what kind of putter to buy. Many experts recommend a blade putter, but a mallet putter works if you find you have issues with your putts. Stick with steel shafts for continued durability.

As your playing improves, you can add a few specialty clubs. You may need a sand wedge or try a lob wedge at the right degree. A long iron will help you deal with the fairway woods. However, if you have difficulty with the iron, consider a 7-wood.

Once you see your game improve and you know you’re going to stick with the game, it’s time to invest in a better-quality set. This is the time to look at switching from steel to graphite shafts and comparing stiffness of the shafts. You’ll want to decide on cast or forged irons. Consider the top brands and think about custom fitting.

When you have your clubs custom fit, it is tailored based on the length and flex. The angle of the head and the loft are developed based on your swing and your size.