How to Choose the Right Golf Ball

When it comes to getting the right equipment for a solid golf game, most of the time the focus is on the clubs. Rightly so, since they do most of the work. However, one little piece of the equation shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s also important to know how to choose the right golf ball.

Two-Piece Golf Balls

Not all golf balls are the same, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Two-piece balls and multilayer balls are designed to achieve different goals and will be the right fit for various golfers.

A two-piece ball is just what it sounds like: it’s made up of two pieces or components. It starts with a solid core and adds an external cover. This type of ball is cheaper and durable. They are hard and ideal for distance. The two-piece balls work best with a slower swing to get more distance from the hardcore.

The core of a two-piece ball is made of hard rubber to reduce the rate of spin and maximize the speed. Put these two factors together to gain a few extra yards out on the course. They also help your game because they are hard and run even after hitting the ground. They can improve distance for those who have difficulty in this area.

Since these balls have low spin, they can correct a slice or hook, which is often a rookie mistake. Because they aren’t expensive and do generate more distance, they are ideal for beginners. It’s also no big deal if you lose a ball since they are easily replaceable.

Multilayer Golf Balls

This type of ball is made of multiple internal layers, starting with a synthetic rubber core. Sometimes, the core may be infused with a metal to add density. The inner layers are responsible for speed while outer layers enhance spin.

Multilayer balls spin based on which club was used. They can have a lower spin with a driver or long iron. When hit by a wedge or shorter iron, they increase the spin for a better grip on the green. The amount of spin comes from where the ball is hit. For instance, a driver will hit the ball closer to the middle while the wedge will touch the ball on the low side, which increases the spin.

Professional golfers use multilayer balls when they are on tour. Those who have a lower or mid-handicap will benefit from this type of ball as well. Anyone who has a higher speed on their swings will get more benefits from a multilayer ball. They are more expensive than two-piece balls, so you don’t want to lose them.

Within this category are balls with various numbers of layers. Three layers are common, but you will also see four and five layers. Six-layer balls are also an option. More layers often give golfers the option to use mid irons.

Choosing the Right Ball

If you go to a sports store, you’ll see both types of balls in high and low spin as well as mid-spin options. It can be quite confusing to decide which one is best for your game. Beginners are going to want to start with a two-piece ball because of the price. However, the amount of spin you want will be based on your swing.

A two-piece ball won’t spin like a multilayer ball, but it will get more distance on the ground. A high spin multilayer ball will get more distance in the air with the backspin. If you have trouble hitting a straight line, a low spin ball is your best bet much of the time. They fly lower and get more distance when they hit the ground while lessening the curve from your slice or hook.

If you aren’t sure which ball will be the best suited, practice with different options. As you see which type of ball generates the best results, you will see the evidence in your game.