Dancing Rabbit Golf Club – Improving Irons Shots

Golf can often be a love-hate relationship. And until you master your irons shots, you will be spending a lot more time hating the game than loving it. Fairways represent about six times more area than tees and greens combined. So if you want to keep your score low, mastering fairway shots with your irons is essential. While irons are often the unsung hero of your bag, not as powerful as the driver or as technical and sensitive as your putter, they provide a critical service. And with just a few tips, you can be making the most of your irons on every round you play at Dancing Rabbit Golf Club.

Preparation Is King

It all starts with good posture. Your right arm should remain straight to turn at your shoulder rather than just lifting your arms. For an effective and reliable iron shot, the backswing needs to start low and slow. This motion gets the club shaft pointing down the target line with the toe up. This deliberate backswing will create a more smooth and shallow swing on the perfect place to launch the shot you need. As the swing moves forward, shift your weight and turn your hips to increase your power. This motion allows you to use your entire body to help propel the ball.

Sometimes You Need To Dig In

You might have been taught that a divot is a bad thing. But if you spend much time watching the pros, they will quickly disprove that old idiom. An excellent iron shot strikes the ball on a downward motion. So it is expected that the bottom edge of the clubface strikes the ground. If you try to avoid a divot, you will end up scooping the ball. The result will be a disappointing low shot with no backspin.

Learn The Sweet Spot

Every club has its own sweet spot. And it will take some time and practice to determine the sweet spot on your irons. The first indication of contact on the sweet spot will be the sound. The second will be the flight of the ball. Spend some time hitting balls, listening to the sound, and comparing it to the ball’s flight. When you find the sweet spot’s distinct sound, focus on repeating the swing to achieve the same contact and perfect flight of the ball.

Always Keep The Basics In Mind

You need to remember a few basics on every swing, including when you are working with your irons. Good stance and balance are critical. If you feel too hunched over on your iron shots, move slightly closer to the ball to eliminate the unbalanced feel. Next, make sure that your hands are in the correct position. They need to be in front of the ball on impact. And finally, you’re trailing or back knee must remain as stable as possible.

Keeping these tips in mind when you visit Dancing Rabbit Golf Club is sure to help you shave a few strokes off your round.