Picking Golf Shoes

Picking the Right Golf Shoes – Dancing Rabbit Golf Club

Many people all over the world enjoy the game of golf. Throughout mainland Europe and the surrounding islands, golf was played in many varieties through countries like France, England, Persia, and the Netherlands. Scotland has been unofficially credited with the modern day golf game that we know today and play at Dancing Rabbit Golf Club.

Spikes or No Spikes on Your Golf Shoes?

Before you go any further, you must pick from the two main categories of golf shoes. This selection will be between spiked or spikeless shoes. Both have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day your preferences and goals make either decision the right one. The biggest difference between the two is spiked shoes giving you far more grip in a wet, hilly environment. The biggest perk for spikeless is them generally being far more comfortable. With a much less rigid sole and lightweight feel, spikeless hoes give you a level of comfort unachievable with spiked ones.

Having well planted feet aided by spiked shoes can help improve your buildup of energy in your backswing. This will translate to a harder hit with more control over your downswing Always keeping extra plastic spikes on hand is a must though. They will weaken and break over time causing you to be standing on an uneven surface that will do nothing but hinder your form, power, and accuracy.

Spikeless golf shoes are actually a newer phenomenon having first appeared in 2011 during that year’s Masters tournament. The shoes were worn by Fred Couples, and they really got the golf word buzzing about. Looking more like regular sneakers, they were unlike anything else on the market at the time. Even though they are referred to as being spikeless, they still have spikes. They are generally shaped different, but they are nonremovable. They can be worn to and from the course as well to makes them stand out to a more casual player. Even though the spikes seem much less aggressive, in normal playing conditions they perform just as good as the best spiked shoe.

Other Factors of a Golf Shoe

Comfort is a main factor that is a must when considering a new pair. What may be comfortable to your golf buddy may be shaped completely wrong for you. Speak with an expert or try on multiple shoes to get a feel of what supports your foot the best while also providing comfort for a long game of 18 holes.

Modern technology has provided manufacturers with the ability to make a shoe flex in spots it needs to for comfort while also staying more rigid in the areas of the shoe that are there for support and structure. This technology creates the ability to have the most comfortable shoe possible.

Stability is a key factor for picking a golf shoe. Many players fail to realize just how important stability in your feet is. Your swing is heavily reliant on your feet to act as the basis for transferring potential energy into kinetic energy to drive your ball far and straight. The energy to hit a golf ball should start with the back foot and finish smoothly through the front foot.