Picking Golf Tees

The Golf Tee – An Overlooked Part of the Game

Golf is a very competitive and prideful game. Almost everyone goes into the game thinking how easy it will be. You see them play on TV and can’t think anything else other than how you could do that more so than any other sport. Once you really dive into the game, you realize how hard it truly is. Trying to be decent at golf will soon prove to be an obstacle that you pride yourself in trying to overcome. With golf being such a hard game, you need to take advantage of every single opportunity to improve your game. Everything matters from your clubs and balls to your shoes and tees.

Many players play on tees much further back than they should. These players tend to look good while playing, but the ones that really should be playing from much further up are hurting their own scores while holding up the people behind them. The USGA, golf’s governing body, has recently enacted an initiative called “Tee it Forward” This is a system that has players choose which tees to hit off of depending on driving distance instead of age.

Choosing the Right Tees to Hit

Choosing the right tee length is a combination of preference and getting the head of your club to strike the ball in the perfect spot. A general tip for picking the right tee size for your driver is making sure the golf balled, when teed up, is at least half of a ball length over the top of the head of your club when it is sitting flush to the ground. The most common tee sizes are 2.75, 3.25, and 4 inches. 3.25 and 4 inch tees are generally used for drivers, especially drivers with a larger head than others. Same general rules apply using woods and drivers, but when you get into irons and hybrids, things change a bit. For these style clubs, you need to make sure that you are keeping the ball just slightly above the ground.

When picking a tee, you should pick one that can sit comfortably in the ground at an appropriate height for your driver. Instead of carrying multiple tee sizes, you can just push in the tees your use for your driver further into the ground. This saves you both money and space in your golf bag.

Golf Tees generally come in different types of materials. Some of the materials are:

  • Wooden Tees
  • Rubber Tees
  • Bamboo Tees
  • Plastic Tees

The different materials give you the ability to pick a tee that is right for you. Wooden tees are the classic golf tee that everyone thinks about when they hear golf tee. Rubber tees are a much more durable tee that is commonly used at driving ranges or even at Top Golf. Bamboo tees are similar to wooden tees, but they are far stronger. This is reflected by their higher price tag. Plastic golf tees are a must if you are someone that regularly breaks your tee.