Pitch Shot Tips

Pitch Shot Tips

Pitching a Golf Ball With Dancing Rabbit Golf Club

Pitch shots are shots that are taken from a short approach to the green. Typically, these shots are in the 20-30 meter range but can be longer or shorter depending on how good the player is at pitching. A professional may be able to hit a pitch shot a bit further than your average player that plays once every few Sundays. Even if you are an average player, you may naturally be better at pitching, so this will cause you to pitch from further away than others because it is the shot you are most comfortable making. Your friends at Dancing Rabbit Golf Club in Philadelphia, Mississippi know the importance of improving all aspects of your game. We hope for everyone playing on our course to see a steady improvement in their game to help make sure they continue to love the greatest sport in the world.

Pitching Versus Chipping

Chipping is a shot taken from just a few meters off the green. A pitch is a much further shot that will spend much more of its time flying through the air. A chip tends to be in the air for just a moment, and it does most of its movement by rolling across the green. Both shots have the purpose of your ball slowly rolling across the green towards the hole, getting as close as possible.

Getting Down to the Basics of Pitch Shots

Pitch shots tend to be a form of miniature swing that uses simple movements to remove any extra tension or stress you may have from a more complicated series of movements like you have in a full swing. Fewer areas to mess up makes your success more likely when hitting the shot.

Your Swing

Your swing for a pitch shot takes a basic series of movements and adds extra focus to them that you would normally have towards other parts of the swing. Your first action should be surveying the green to pinpoint the exact location you want the ball to land. The location should be a bit before the hole because the ball is going to roll for a few meters after it initially hits the ground. Anticipating this roll is a key factor in making sure your ball gets as close to or in the pin as possible. A key part of mastering a pitch shot is making sure you’re letting the club do all of the work. You should at no point be lifting the ball into the air with your swing.

Finding Your Stance and Ball Position

Your stance should be more narrow than a normal swing. Along with your narrower stance, you can typically be more open towards the target. This form will help you with adding side spin for more stopping power.

The ball position can be moved back to help ensure a crisp strike that has proper downward motion. This variation makes using different clubs possible. Using different clubs makes sure that you have a wide range of tools in your arsenal for making the best shot every time.

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