Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup

USA Wins the 2021 Ryder Cup

The United States made history at the 2021 Ryder Cup by accomplishing a win of 19-9 against Europe. This margin of victory is the greatest in the recent history of the Ryder Cup, which made the win even sweeter for the U.S. team.

The United States entered into the Sunday singles with an impressive lead of 11-5. So impressive in fact that such a lead has not been seen in the Ryder Cup since the year 1975. Before the singles competition on Sunday, every member of the U.S. team won one or more matches in four-ball or foursomes.

Another component of the win that gives the United States such an elevated level of pride is the fact that their team is the youngest in U.S. history. Steve Stricker commented on the youthful team, he added, “This is a new era. These guys are young. They want it. They’re motivated. They came here determined to win. I could see it in their eyes.” The United States captain also stated, “This is the greatest team of all time right here.”

For the first time in 44 years, the U.S. did not lose a session. The 2021 Ryder Cup will go down in history for the United States as one of the biggest comebacks in the history of the Ryder Cup. The U.S. team’s 14-4-3 record of points was greater than all of Europe, which created one of the worst losses in history for Europe. Even though Europe won nine of the previous 12, the United States is determined to stay on top and continue breaking records. Padraig Harrington, Europe’s captain, spoke of his admiration of the United States team as he stated, “The U.S. was very strong. Whatever their plan was, they got it right this week. A strong team played well. Kept the momentum. And they would have been tough to beat at the best of times, let alone when they are at top form. It’s a great win for them.”

One of the young team members for the United States who stood out with his unbeatable accomplishments was Scottie Scheffler. He overcame the number one player in the world, Jon Rahm, with a victory of 4-and-3. Bryson DeChambeau also stole the spotlight with his win against Sergio Garcia. DeChambeau showed his determination time and time again, but especially when he holed the 40-foot eagle putt. Dustin Johnson made history as well by becoming the first top-ranked American to complete a Ryder Cup with a flawless mark of 5-0-0.

Notably, the United States did not lose a single session throughout the Ryder Cup for the first time in modern history. This win for the United States undoubtedly sparked a new level of drive, determination, and pride for the team. They are expected to take this win and use it as motivation to continue breaking records and making golf history. Stricker summed up the joy of this win perfectly as he stated, “This is a new era for USA golf.”

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