Getting Out of the Sand Trap

Nothing can ruin your day at the golf course much more than getting stuck in a sand trap. Even the most experienced golfers struggle with this problem. The difference is that they have learned a few tricks to make it less of an issue. With these tips, you’ll be getting your golf ball out of the sand trap like a pro.

Stay Calm

If you’ve been out on the course much, you’ve probably seen those golfers who get mad and toss their clubs down the fairway. Besides being bad golfing etiquette, it doesn’t accomplish anything. The first rule to beating the trap is to stay calm and realize you can overcome this challenge. Be confident in your ability and don’t let frustration take over.

Select the Best Club for the Job

You’ll want to choose the right wedge to give your ball some lift without taking it too far from its destination. If you have more distance to get to the green, you’ll want to go with a wedge with a lower loft, somewhere between 50 and 56 degrees with a gap or sand wedge should get you closer to the green. Farther out, and you might need a 9 iron or pitching wedge. If you’re closer a lob wedge with a 60-degree angle will get the ball out while reducing the amount of roll so that the ball stays close to the hole.

Set Up the Swing Correctly

Twist your feet down into the sand to give you a feel for how much is surrounding your ball. Make sure the ball is back of the center based on your stance. Move down just about a half-inch on the club rather than choking down too far. Once you have the swing set up, put all your weight on the front leg. Don’t take a full swing. In fact, you should limit it to about ¾ of a full swing. This makes it easier for the ball to fly high out of the sand trap with more control.

Keep your lower body still using only your upper body for the swing. This will improve the range of motion with your wrists for more accuracy in your shot. Make sure you keep your arms soft, to give you a weaker grip. A weaker grip allows your wrists to move with ease. The result is a ball that goes higher with your swing while stopping faster once it reaches the green. Don’t forget to follow through after you’ve hit the ball. At this point, it should only be your eyes moving as they follow the ball up out of the trap and onto the green.

Remember that even the pros struggle with this problem. It takes a lot of practice. Watch others do it on the course or study a game on TV or YouTube so you can master the sand trap with a little work.