Explore Meridian, Mississippi

After a day of recreation at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Course, plan out an adventure in our local city of Meridian, Mississippi. It is the 7th largest city in the state and takes pride in many of its local traditions and modern cultural assets.  Like many places in the southern United States, it has played a role throughout America’s history. The city was officially founded in 1860, and although it was only a small village at the start of the Civil War, it played a strategic role because of its position at two junctions of a major railroad. In fact, it’s growth was largely attributed to its prime location. The town itself was the site of the ‘Battle of Meridian,’ which destroyed many of its buildings, but the town ultimately survived, and has evolved into a culturally rich city of great beauty and entertainment.

City Adventures in Meridian

Meridian has a many great places to visit and enjoy the town atmosphere.  It has a polite, small-town atmosphere that boasts gorgeous art-deco architecture, many of which were designed and built mid-century. Various restaurants and cuisine to fit any palette, antique shops that line the avenues of downtown, and adorable bed and breakfasts in its quiet residential neighborhoods makes Meridian a relaxing piece of Mississippi just waiting to be explored. Visit one of these additional exciting sites on your trip through the city:

Meridian celebrates its long-standing tradition of musical celebrations, nominally its country music festivals honoring famed native and national Country Music Star Jimmie Rodgers. Often considered as the ‘father of country music,’ Rodgers took the southern states by storm from 1910-1933, did recordings with Louis Armstrong, and is recognized in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Rodgers is widely honored in Meridian with a large museum, the Country Music Trail which is dotted with markers containing information about Jimmie’s life, and an enshrined grave site, where visitors may come and pay their respects so such a notable local.

Meridian Outdoors

The southern United States is wildly robust with varied wildlife and outdoor settings. Meridian is no different, as it boasts many opportunities to experience fresh, Mississippi air. Dotted with lakes and marshes for boating and camping and organized outdoor hobbies like a shooting range or riding horseback, consider one of these recreational activities before you head to Dancing Rabbit Golf Course.

  • Battlefield Shooting Club
  • Dunn’s Falls
  • Horseback riding trails
  • Okatibbee Lake
  • Why Not Motorsports Park

With camping, hiking, boating, and fishing, Meridian is full of fun outdoor things to do.

Finding Dancing Rabbit Golf Course

From Meridian, Dancing Rabbit Golf Course is a simple, one-hour drive north.  Follow MS-19 North for 40 miles and turn left at Highway 16 West. Continue on MS-16 for about seven miles until you arrive at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club on the left.