The Legend

“A Lasting Monument to the Choctaw Ideal”

Golfer playing at Dancing Rabbit Golf Course
Built upon the ancestral lands of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Dancing Rabbit Golf Club is a celebration of their rich culture, as well as their perseverance.

Dancing Rabbit Golf Club commemorates one of the most popular assembly grounds on the ancient Choctaw tribal lands.  It is named for its location on the banks of the Big and Little Dancing Rabbit Creeks not many miles distant from the Club House. In the Choctaw language it is BOK CHUKFI AHITHAC, “the creek where rabbits dance.” It was like a well-tended park–beautiful, spacious–beneath a canopy of mature trees.

It is ironic that in September of 1830 the Tribe was stripped of its dominion over its ancestral land by a treaty forced on them at the site. The old Choctaw nation was removed to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.

A hardy remnant remained. Clustered in small communities the spirit of the Choctaws suffered many dark years on the land that once was theirs. But the spirit was not dead. Gradually tribal members began to regain control of their lives. They recovered some land, including the parcel where the clubhouse sits on the headwaters of Wolf Creek (Neshoba Bok).

With its stunning natural beauty–well kept, spacious, open and gracious–Dancing Rabbit Golf Club is both a world-class resort and a lasting monument to the Choctaw ideal.