Golfing in Mississippi

With a name that means “great waters”, Mississippi features many rivers flowing throughout the state. Even though it’s one of the smallest states in the nation, you’ll find plenty to enjoy. A history of agriculture and gentility has led to an unhurried lifestyle which is still maintained to an extent today.

Golf – The Game

Golfing is one of those relaxing activities that captures the interest of many Mississippians. A game that has been around since the 1400s in Scotland where it originated, it has grown in popularity both as a sport and as a hobby.

The basic idea of golf is quite simple. You use a club to hit a ball into a hole. Sounds easy enough, but the rules are rather complex and the game itself is challenging. One reason for this challenge is the unique terrain of each golf course. Unlike football, baseball, soccer, or other sports, there is no standard playing field. Each golf course contains certain elements, such as a specific number of holes, tee box, fairway, and hazards. However, the layout is unique to each course.

Since the goal is for the ball to reach a hole with the fewest strokes, low scores are considered better than high scores. This is another unique feature of the game. The British Open is the first known tournament which still exists and has been around since 1860. It is one of four main championships for men and the only one not held in the US.

Tools for the Sport

Golf clubs are the main equipment for playing golf. They come in three categories: drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. The putter is a balanced club with the job of putting the ball along the green until it lands in the hole. Wedges are often the choice to get the ball out of a trap. Woods are used to make longer-distance shots, especially over the fairway.

A golfer can carry up to 14 clubs of their choice. This is one of the most critical aspects of strategy to help the ball reach the hole as quickly as possible. The golfer also decides which club to use on each shot.

Choosing the Course

Golf courses consist of 18 holes, but smaller courses may have only 9 where you can play through twice for 18 rounds of golf. You want to choose a course that fits your playing level or challenges you just enough but isn’t too difficult.

You want a course that offers variety to keep you interested as you move along from one hole to the next. Don’t forget about course maintenance. Look for a Mississippi golf course that is well-maintained with hazards marked clearly, pathways that are well-groomed, and fairways of high-quality.

While the view may not be a mandatory item for your game, a scenic backdrop will enhance your afternoon. Of course, this seems like the least important aspect of the game, but playing on a beautiful course really enhances the experience.

Enjoy golf in Mississippi as you learn more about the game, the strategy behind playing, and tee off at the Dancing Rabbit!